Happy thanksgiving day everyone!

On this thanksgiving day, I would like to give thanks for:

  1. The Americans in my workplace – the only two Americans, Monsieur GG and Madame MM – who reminded me that it is thanksgiving day today with a little card and my favourite snacks, Julie’s peanut butter cracker and Grand Torino Praline Di Cioccolato. Would also love to thank them for being important members of the Friday Lunch Club and Code Name Club.
  2. James, and Kristy, and Daryl, and Dhibu, and Seong Hae, and Stephanie, and Seongtae, and Jeong Su, and Quan, and Zhang Yu, and everyone else in the Middle High School department, for being an entirely pleasant and encouraging bunch of colleagues who supports me through my professionally and personal growth (:
  3. A youthful dad who disturbs me from my beauty sleep by engaging in pillow warfare, but spoils me by sending me to work and treating me to my daily breakfast combination of kaya butter toast and a hot cup of teh-o, every single morning.
  4. A caring mom who sacrifices her sleep in the morning to make me heartwarming meals that I can pack for lunch! I would have to thank her for the kilos that I’ve put on in the last few months too!
  5. A fashionable sister who shares her wardrobe with me so that I will not be the LIMElight on the streets. I’ve definitely got to give thanks for my handsome looking and mature slave, aka my brother Timo Chan, who accompanies me to watch movies, fetches the remote, towel, glass, phone and keys for me, and helps me buy my McDonalds supper when I’m hungry at night.
  6. The really cool weather during the last few weeks because cooling weather equates to less water and electricity bills, and also the light breeze makes sleeping so much more comfortable.
  7. Friday movie nights and cycling nights with Wesley@Cathay crew! Though it’s harder to make friends after entering the working world, but I’m glad to find more friends and support and accountability in the Wesley@Cathay crew. And, I am sure our relationship will grow even stronger with durian nights! PS, you know where to go to if you would like to find more friends and support! Start serving in Wesley@Cathay or join us for our Sunday services right now!
  8. Friends who care even if they are miles away. Thank you Jean, Lei Hing and Maggie for being by my side and praying for me and sharing words of encouragement with me even though you are all miles away. I love you all so, so, so, so, much and I will be back, soon (: Wait for me Rusty and Daniel! Don’t grow too fast!
  9. Pathlight – A new beginning (:
  10. Jeremy Lee, the one who supports me through and through, and tolerates all the nonsensical mischief I throw at him! But you really can’t blame me because I received all those from my dad (: Thank you for being the one I can always count on ❤

Weekday, Strong day?

There is a time for everything, and a time to every purpose under heaven.
Ecclesiastes 3:1

If a weekend is great, then why is it called “week”end, not “good”end?

Nevertheless, the weekend ended, and it’s Monday again. It’s the day when I persuade myself to hang in there, for Friday will come liberate me again, and I can have as much fun and rest as I want to over the weekend.

This cycle has repeated for the last 43 weeks, and it will repeat itself until… forever (it’s called an endless cycle for a reason). But, this endless cycle may not be a bad thing, for the cycle allows us to repeat till we get all the little things in it right. And these minor, nitty witty things, like a lack of sleep, failure to eat healthily, and the wrong prioritization of time, people and pursuits, definitely require more than a week to fix! I realised today that the repetitive weekdays would not be such a bore if I see them as part of a cycle that allows me the second chance to reflect, repeat and perfect my imperfect self. And it’s not so bad being in this cycle because time cycles, not recycles. This means that each cycle, though largely similar, is vastly different. Every cycle brings in something new and unexpected, like like rollerblade nights with the W@C crew, food hunt with my colleagues and random teaching ideas.  The something new brings comfort despite the monotonous repetition, and it is definitely something to look forward to and to cherish while working on my flaws before life ends.

After so much internal deliberation, I think I am ready to cycle on and make this week a strong week. And a good start to this week’s cycle would be to kick start the habit of daily devotion, and of course to… ANNIHILATE ALL THE ANTS SWARMING MY OFFICE DESK! Boy, they are persistent in invading my territory.

I am not a hero. No. I did what I had to do, because it was the right thing to do. That is all. You know, we are all ordinary people. But even an ordinary secretary or a housewife or a teenager can within their own small ways, turn on a small light in a dark room.

-Miep Gies, The Freedom Writers

10 things to give thanks for this October:

  1. Rainy weather
    Soaked shoes may annoy the soul, but I would trade that in for a whole afternoon of cool breeze, slow jazz and raindrops pitter pattering on the window panes.
  2. A chauffeur-dad
    Chauffeur-dad or dad-chauffeur? Either way, one’s gotta be thankful for a dad who chooses to fetch me to school at insane early hours over sleeping in / peaceful morning walks every single day.
  3. Respite amidst the busyness
    The happiest time of the day for me is the time when my head nests itself in the pillow, and my brain lets go and dreams of all things impossible – Turkey, cute kids, and infinite possibilities.
  4. Disciple
    All good things will come to an end, and so will the D1 class, after 30+ weeks of journey. The class helped me put things into perspectives, and took quite some worldly stress off my shoulders. And, as cliche as it is, I am thankful for my the friendship forged. I mean, one’s entitled to feel emotional like a new mom for delivering a strong and healthy friendship after 30+ weeks of carrying each other through the course!
  5. Wesley @ Cathay
    Serving at Wesley@Cathay for the last 7 months has been extremely rewarding, even though it meant sacrificing sleep-in sessions just for church. Some people think that it is absurd and impossible to wake up at 5 am just for church on a Sunday. Trust me. I use to think that too! But, the sacrifice comes with great rewards! If not for W@C, fitting into the Wesley family would have been like still air than a cool breeze. If not for W@C, my church attendance would have been messier than the graphs on the stock market. If not for W@C, the number of contacts on my phone list would have remained at 82, and the amount of punny messages and interesting pictures and engaging conversations would be much more limited. More importantly, if not for W@C, I would not have been able to witness so much more of God’s grace and love that comes in the form of last minute grab hitch rides, smooth operation of light and sound and many answered prayers.
  6. H.E.W. Rockets
    IMG_1996 IMG_21451 year of training for 4 days of competition on court doesn’t sound like a worth deal. But, we 9 girls signed up for it anyway! It is, indeed, a pity that our team did not make it through to the second round this year, but the effort we have placed in was not without results! Our feet move like ants on pans, our hands instinctively cushion every fall, our attacks were more sneaky and our communication never stops. Our skills improved! And to top it all of, we are more tight-knitted than before, as evident from all the unglam photo-taking, cake-smearing, food-eating and taxi-sharing sessions. We may not be the best players around, but we love each other and encourage each other for who we are. And I guess that’s what a team is for? I will never trade this team for any other and I believe that we will become even better if we continue training hard whilst treating each other with love and encouragement. I’m looking for more Sunday practices with you guys<3
  7. Weddings
    IMG_1712Weddings bring people together. This October, I am thankful to be able to witness the union of Rex and Xueyi. Their marriage is significant as they have shown to everyone around them that a long distance relationship of 7 years can survive, with commitment and dedication. This wedding was also significant because it was a reunion dinner for all the ACG family members, and reunion is always good, because it reminds you of the people who’s always there for you (:
  8. Colleagues
    IMG_1659Work is only as enjoyable as the colleagues you get. This October, I am thankful for all my colleagues. Yes, this includes the cinnamon eater, soccer match critique, sneaky and smooth criminal, Spanish hippy, poker queen, kit-kat fanatic, avid book reviewer, touching post-it writer, professional resource maker and gourmet food buddy. Without them, SKIS would be… just another job.
  9. Open Doors
    Something is brewing, an adventure is awaiting! I shall update more as I walk through this new open door into wonderland.
  10. Jeremy Lee
    img_20691.jpgThere are so many things that I thank God for, and one of them is you (: There are many reasons, uncountable number of reasons for me to be thankful for you. But, lest anyone regurgitate their guts out from our over cheesy and mischievous dialogues, I shall keep what I have to say to you (in our whatsapp message). But know this, for sure: I love you (: