Term 4 Week 6

So much work to be done, but my body is now in the “I refuse to do anything mode”. I am dead tired and how I wish that last-minute work would stop sauntering into my life. Last-minute work… they are probably the root cause of heart attacks and stress. It’s all for the greater good, I am sure. But, I need more time to convince myself of that.


A song that has been speaking to my heart in this period of fatigue. God has set me free, from all of the tiredness and all the other stresses of the world. I am a child of God, I am who He says I am. Through Christ, I am capable of completing all my work. Through Christ, I am capable of being a better colleague. Through Christ, I can manage both work and life and wedding preparations. Like how Christ has overcome death, I am sure I will be able to overcome both the sleepy and workaholic monster in me. Indeed, through Christ, everything is possible.

Fight on.