One more month

31 more days to 2019.

This year flew by so quickly and I am so glad that December is here. There’s always more time in this month to truly enjoy the beauty of life – a short run in the morning, having breakfast and tea at the table (instead of while running for the morning train), listening to Christmas carols while reading my book, and then time to do whatever I want till a good meal in the evening with my friends.

But before I kickstart the last month of 2018, here’s five things I’m grateful for for the last few months:

  1. I have finally completed one academic year in Pathlight!!! There were so many experiences gained throughout this year, and I am thankful for the friendships forged. More important, I am thankful for the HOLIDAYS! Time to recharge (:
  2. Wesley@Cathay is growing (: There are two new addition to the Sound team and this means a little more break from the weekends, a little more Sundays snoozing in rather than waking at 5am. More hands make work light (:
  3. What would I do without my parents and siblings and their unconditional love for me? Dad chauffeurs me around nearly every morning and brightens my day with his classic jokes and embarrassing actions. Mom nags really lovingly, though a little too much at times, and does her best to ensure that my welfare, and love for enoki mushroom and yakult, is attended to. Sissy, the fashionable one, always lends me her clothes and makeup because I can be a rather horrible fashion disaster. Timo accompanies me for all the extreme meals – early breakfast and late night supper – and keeps me up with the trend with his “coolness”. Last, Chaosu ensures that the house is homely and clean for a good rest. Family: Father and Mother (and siblings), I Love You (:
  4. Hew got into the top 8 for the SQS tournament (: We’ve grown so much over the past 10 years, and I am so grateful that we are always so supportive and close-knitted. Above all, I give thanks for Bin Wei, who pours his heart out to coach the team, for free! He attends most training sessions, travels to games that are at insanely inconvenient location, and never once asks for renumeration. Who does that?! Thank you for teaching me about being a team player (:
  5. Jeremy and I are 42 months old today (: And I really thank God for letting me find such a JEM, one who sings lullaby for me, assists me with my work, cheers me when I am stressed and down, tolerates my pranks and puns, keeps me accountable in my walk with God, cares for my parents as his own, travels everywhere with me and loves me so very much. Thank you, God, for Jeremy. I’ll love and cherish him. Though… I still prefer the hashtag #AliCaughtTheJerm instead of #AliFoundAJem.

One more month before the end of 2018. I’m gonna savour every bit of this beautiful year that God has made.


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