New Academic Year

So, work starts tomorrow.

It’s always sad when good things, the holidays, specifically, come to an end. I wasn’t ready for work, and the new responsibilities starting next year. I wish I could box work away (it’s boxing day after all), but I’m reminded that Emmanuel, God with us, and He has a great purpose for the work he has given us, one that prospers and not harm, one that gives a hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11).

When God revealed of the plan He has for Joseph and Mary, the plan was not easy. It was hard for Joseph and Mary to accept the concept of the virgin birth. What if Joseph would not take Mary as wife? What if Mary was left alone, a disgrace, in the public’s eye? What if they do not have the ability to raise the Son of God? And if things did not seem bad enough, Joseph and Mary had to journey from Nazareth to Bethlehem for the census near the delivery date.

But, when God has a plan, He also delivers a way.  God sent angels to guide Joseph and Mary. He also provided a manger when the inns were full. All Joseph and Mary had to do was to trust and obey.

What we are facing now is part of God’s plan. Nothing is coincidental and everything is for the advancement of the gospel. This plan he has may not be the easiest to execute. But, God is in control. He is with us, and he will carry us through. All we need to do is to sit back, relax, and trust and obey.

And so… even though one good thing may have ended, there is hope, for God will still put many more new and better blessings in the way. And, of all the greatest blessings, God has given us Christ, and his love for us on the cross that overcame death.

With this, I shall march on, more hopeful, and joyful and less of a control freak. Let Jesus take the wheel.

Merry Christmas (:


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