About MeHello;

It would be lovely to have a whimsical name, but I’m fine with being known as Alicia. My friends call me “Bounce” because I skip, not walk. I don’t know if I am that “bouncy” since my hobby is to sleep like a hibernating grizzly bear (no, I don’t snore). Waking people with my hour long (or more) snoozing alarm is my speciality. Gummy bears and milk chocolate bars are probably the best creation of all times; they make me pick up crayolas and paint a canvas of dancing notes. Play volleyball with me, give me a giraffe as a pet, let a balloon lift me up, feed me with peanut butter jelly sandwich for lunch and I would be the happiest person on earth.

PS, I’m still finding my way around life and you’re welcome to travel down the unwinding, amusing odyssey in me ol’faithful rollercoaster cart.


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